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Policy on Links To and From Our Web Site

Links From Our Web Site

We offer links to other internet sites in the course of newsletter reporting as a way for you to obtain additional information about the subject of a newsletter article. We offer links to other internet sites of interest to human resource professionals as a convenience for you if you wish to visit other sites of prominence within the human resource internet community.

We have visited all of the web sites to which we offer links. However, we can not control the content of those sites and do not guarantee that the sites will not change over time. Because we do not control the content of third party web sites, we are not able to guarantee that you will not discover things you deem offensive when you visit them. If that happens, we ask you to contact us with information about your experience so we can reevaluate the appropriateness of our continuing a link to those sites. You may send your input via email to

Links To Our Web Site

We invite other organizations and individuals to offer their web site visitors links to our site. We request, however, that the links be directed to our "home page" at rather than internal site pages. Please feel free to reference the internal pages if you like, but provide a link only to our Welcome page.

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From time to time we all find that we have ordered something that just isn't what we had expected. At The Management Advantage, Inc. we understand that because it has happened to us, too.

If you ever find that the product you receive from us (or one of our suppliers) does not meet your requirements, we ask that you return it to us so we can refund your purchase price. It seems reasonable that those decisions can be made in 30 days, so we offer a no-hassle, no-risk guarantee on all of our products. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, simply send the product back to us within 30-days and we will refund your purchase price. (We do not refund shipping and handling costs, but you will get back any state sales tax you might have paid.)

This policy applies to customer purchases from us regardless of whether the purchase was made through our HR Web Store(TM), on our toll-free order line (1-888-671-0404), or by mail. We want you to be satisfied when you do business with The Management Advantage, Inc.

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