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Affirmative Action Plan Preparation Service

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What is Federal Contractor Affirmative Action?

There are two types of employment affirmative action for federal contractors. One is for goods and services (41 CFR 60-1, 60-2) and the other is for construction contractors (41 CFR 60-4). There is one similarity...each is dependent on the employer having a primary contract or first-tier subcontract with the federal government. For example, if the U.S. Department of Transportation issued a contract for construction of an airport control tower, or paving of an interstate highway, federal money would be spent in a contract fashion to construct something. That would be subject to federal affirmative action regulations dealing with construction contractors. Subcontractors who provided concrete work, steel structures, glazing, roofing, plumbing and electrical work would also be subject to the requirements.

On the other hand, if the project involved products sold to the federal government, such as automobiles, rockets, pencils or graph paper, the rules for goods and services contracts would apply. If an employer provided consulting services to the federal government under contract, that too would be subject to affirmative action regulations.

What if ... ?

What if a city were building the airport, using a federal grant, but the city actually hired the contractors and bought all the "stuff" that goes into an airport like communication systems, baggage handling systems, traffic light systems, computer systems and such. Chances are, it wouldn't involve federal contracts in every instance. The city may have its own requirements for contractors, but that could be different from requirements for federal contractors.

Employers who wish to do business with any government agency, or with suppliers to the government, should familiarize themselves with any affirmative action requirements enforced by the contracting agency. Doing business with that agency means accepting and meeting those requirements.

Two Approaches to AAP Preparation

  1. Prepare your own AAP with the help of the best reference book available.

    COST = $99.95.

    Secrets of Affirmative Action Compliance - 11th Edition
    Click Here to Go Directly to the Publication Used by Thousands of Employers Across the Country.

    The 11th Edition of this remarkable reference book has just been released. In it you will find all the latest information about federal regulations, enforcement activities and political influences. There is also some helpful information about the upcoming EEO File from Census 2010. Step-by-step you will walk through the process of creating your own plan using the new regulations that specify changes in content requirements. Everything you need is included except the specific geographic census data you must have. Even then, there is information about how to get it.

    If you want to save money and invest your own time in preparing your AAP, this book will teach you the process and guide you through the many decisions that must be made as you go.

    If you order on-line in our HR Web Store you can have your book delivered in a few days and get started quickly on your AAP development.



  2. We will do the work for you through our AAP Preparation Service.

    COST = about $5,500.
    (Cost per establishment falls dramatically when you have multiple establishments.) For more about costs, multiple AAP documents, and cost comparisons CLICK HERE.

    We have helped scores of client organizations, large and small, with their affirmative action plan development and updating. Those clients are scattered across the country. With most of them, we do our work by email, FAX and telephone. Unless you want us to help you with your implementation training, there is usually no reason for us to incur expense for you by traveling to your location. However, we can and will visit you at your site if you insist. We can do the entire project for you, or you can do your own narrative update if you wish. We'll handle the statistical analysis reports you need each year if you would rather not worry about all the number crunching.

    We guarantee our work

    will meet federal regulatory requirements in effect at the time of our work for you. That guarantee is effective for six months after we deliver your AAP draft. (It would be longer, but the government requires a complete update of your AAP if you are audited more than six months into your plan year.) If anyone shows that we have not followed federal regulations in developing your AAP we will either fix the problem at no additional cost to you, or refund your project fee at our option.

    If this appeals to you, and you would like to learn more about what we do and how we do it, we invite you to follow the links we have provided so you can learn more. There is even a sample project agreement available.

We look forward to working with you and your organization. Why not give us a call now to get things rolling? Our toll-free number is 888-671-0404.

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