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Affirmative Action Plan Cost of Preparation Service

Why do you charge $5,500 for only one AAP document?

It's not just one AAP document. When comparing prices for AAP preparation services, be sure you will get all the following deliverables in your vendor quotes:

  • AAP Narrative for Minorities and Women
  • AAP Narrative for Disabled
  • AAP Narrative for Veterans
  • AAP Statistical Reports for Minorities and Women
    • Workforce Analysis
    • Job Group Analysis
    • Availability Analysis
    • Incumbents vs. Availability Analysis
    • Goals Analysis
    • Goals Progress Report
  • Disparate Impact Analysis Reports - Minorities vs. Non-Minorities and Females vs. Males
    • New Hires vs. Job Applicants
    • Promotions vs. Available Pool
    • Terminations vs. Available Pool
  • Compensation Analysis that uses tTest statistical analysis of cohorts within job titles
    • Females vs. Males
    • Minorities vs. Non-Minorities
  • Unlimited telephone support about questions related to the content of your AAP documents. We want you to call us during the AAP year when questions come up. We don't charge extra for any of those calls. That service is included in our package price.

If you don't get all of that in the project price you are given, ask what it will cost to receive all of those analyses and reports. Some vendors will only quote you an hourly rate and leave it open ended. You can get a hefty bill at the end of the project if you aren't careful.

We don't want there to be any surprises. And, we want you to call us at any time during your AAP year to ask questions about the content of your plan if they arise.

There is no question that you can prepare your own AAP and save the cost of consulting support. The government has estimated that it takes an average of 179.5 hours for a first-time contractor to prepare an AAP document and implement the program. The average time required per contractor for annual updates to each AAP document is estimated to be 74.9 hours.

(They said for employers with 50 to 100 employees, preparing a first AAP could require as little as 133 hours. For an employer with 1,000 or more employees, the first AAP could require as many as 366 hours. If you are making $40 per hour, the cost will range from $5,320 to $14,640 for your first AAP. If you have more than one establishment, you must repeat the work for each additional establishment.)

So, the smallest employers are not likely to save very much money by having their plan done by us. They will, however, save the worry and anxiety of not knowing for sure that they have compiled the best possible plan according to the regulatory requirements. We take that worry out of your way.

The largest employers can save potentially large amounts of money if they have multiple plans and we handle the preparation task for all of them. Just look at the numbers. They speak for themselves.

All you need is the time. And, of course the ability to understand and interpret results from statistical reports and analyses.

You are paying us for our time and for our experience. Because we are experts, having done hundreds of AAPs over the years, we are able to produce the product faster than people who are just entering the specialty. We can also save you money for volume of work when you have additional plans beyond your first establishment.

Some AAP preparation organizations hire people to write AAPs who have no real world experience in HR management, AAP compliance requirements, or even in the world of work. When someone like that prepares your AAP you have no assurance that the reports make sense because the preparer wouldn't know what they meant regardless of the result.

We don't recommend trying to comply with all the IRS tax requirements without the aid of a trained and professional accountant. For the same reason, we suggest you think twice about selecting the low bidder on your AAP development project. You may save a few dollars on the front end, but cost yourself and your company many times that because of a government audit.

Know what you are going to receive from your vendor. Know who will be doing the "hands-on" preparation of your AAP, both statistical reports and narrative summaries. Ask questions about their background and qualifications. Be sure your preparer is capable of standing in front of your senior executives, explaining the program and answering questions about compliance requirements. If you hear those functions will be performed by different people, watch out.

We offer the highest quality and some of the longest experience working with AAPs and federal agency compliance reviews.

Bill Truesdell wrote the highly popular book, Secrets of Affirmative Action Compliance. It is now in its nineth edition and used by thousands of employers around the country. He has taught scores of seminars on AAP preparation and audit management. If he develops your AAP, you know it will be done properly.

And, we guarantee our work. You might ask other vendors if they will put their guarantee in writing like we do. Every one of our preparation agreements contains our written guarantee.

So, yes. We charge more than some AAP consulting firms for preparation of AAPs. We're worth it. We give you the value the others seem to forget about discussing.

Is there any discount if we have more than one AAP to develop and update each year?

Yes. There are savings we can avail ourselves of when we do more than one AAP for a single organization. The more AAPs the more the savings in preparation of each AAP. We pass those savings on to you in the form of a lower cost per AAP.

If you would like to learn more about the cost for your situation, please give us a call, toll-free, at 1-888-671-0404 so we can get the information we need to prepare a proposal for you.

Does it cost the same each year we update our AAPs?

Pretty close, yes. Generally speaking, it takes the amount of time to update an AAP in subsequent years. That's because almost all of the work goes into statistical report preparation.

What if we want to do part of the work ourselves and have you do the rest?

Many clients choose to do just that. For example, on a yearly update, many organizations prefer to update the narrative sections themselves, having us do the statistical reports they need. We only charge you for the portion of the AAP we prepare.

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