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AAP Preparation Agreement

(PLEASE NOTE: This is a sample agreement only and must be accepted by both TMA, Inc. and you before it is effective. Adjustments may be necessary. For example, if you have more than one AAP establishment we need to make modifications in cost. If you have more than twelve job groups, we need to make modifications in cost. You may call us to discuss the details. Our toll-free number is 888-671-0404.)

The Management Advantage, Inc. agrees to produce an Affirmative Action Plan containing materials and data provided by the client and organized into the following eight document sections as specified by the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP):

The following sections will be included in your Affirmative Action Plan:

1. Commitment to Equal Opportunity
2. Responsibility for Implementation
3. Internal Review and Reporting Systems
4. Problem Identification
5. Development and Execution of Action-Oriented Programs
6. Statistical Analysis Reports including: Workforce Analysis, Job Group Analysis, Availability Analysis, Utilization Analysis, Goals & Goals Achievement
7. Affirmative Action for the Disabled
8. Affirmative Action for Veterans and Disabled Veterans

Statistical calculations will be based on data provided by the client and 1990 census data, unless otherwise agreed to at the beginning of this project. The client agrees to provide current workforce information showing sex and ethnic headcounts by job title, a list of job titles within each department, a list of job titles within each job group, and a list of pay ranges for each job title. At additional charge, client may request preparation of Impact Ratio Analysis (IRA) on new hires, promotions, transfers, terminations and training activity. Additional data will be required from client for these analysis activities and no IRA work is included in this AAP preparation agreement.

A draft copy of the AAP will be forwarded to the client by (3 weeks after receiving clean client data file).

The client agrees to review and revise the AAP draft document and forward change requests to The Management Advantage, Inc. for use in production of a final master document. Client may use this master document to reproduce whatever number of copies may be required.

Guarantee: The Management Advantage, Inc. guarantees that this development project will result in a document which meets federal regulatory requirements in affect at the time of development. It does not guarantee the client will pass any future compliance review on this AAP. A full refund will be provided if it is shown that development requirements in affect at the time were not followed, or corrections will be made to satisfy OFCCP requirements. This guarantee shall be in effect for six months from the acceptance date of this agreement.

Fees & Payment: Preparation fee for this development project will be $5,500.00 for each AAP which requires twelve or fewer job groups. A separate written AAP is required for each "establishment" as defined by the OFCCP. Establishments with more than twelve job groups will be billed at a higher flat fee, to be negotiated with the client in advance. One-half of the total development fee will be payable at the beginning of the project (with this agreement), and the other half will be payable on delivery of the draft copy of the client's AAP. A billing statement will be provided in either or both of those circumstances, as the client wishes. Terms of billing are "DUE ON RECEIPT" with interest charged on day 11 and every 30 days thereafter at the rate of 1.5% per month (18% APR).

Prepared by:

William H. Truesdell, President
The Management Advantage, Inc.


Accepted by:

(Name), (Title)
(Company Name)



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