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Workplace Violence Prevention

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Workplace Violence Prevention Seminar

Workplace Violence Prevention Seminar
Author: Jay C. Beighley, CFE

The topic of workplace violence has become a critical issue in all industries today. Still, many business people find themselves at a loss when considering all of the training options available to them. Many small and medium sized companies don't have the luxury of a full-time training organization, nor can they afford to bring a training consultant into the picture. These businesses need a training program on the topic of workplace violence that:

  • Satisfies the obligation to provide employees with current information about workplace violence.
  • Represents a reasonable attempt to provide a safer workplace.
  • Is a simple, turnkey approach.
  • Is affordable.

    A Few Of The Violent Events In America's Workplace

    8/5/1999 Pelham, Alabama Alan Eugene Miller shot two co-workers to death at Ferguson Enterprises where he had driven a delivery truck. He then drove five miles to Post Airgas Co. where he had once worked and he killed a third individual. He was tried and sentenced to death.
    11/2/1999 Honolulu, Hawaii Byran Uyesugi shot and killed seven of his co-workers at a Xerox Corp. warehouse. He was tried and sentenced to life in prison.
    11/3/1999 Seattle, Washington Kevin Cruz is accused of killing two men and wounding two others at the Northlake Shipyard. He was allegedly upset about the termination of his death benefits.
    12/30/1999 Tampa, Florida A Cuban immigrant allegedly opened fire at his workplace in Tampa killing four co-workers, then killed another person in an attempted carjacking nearby. He is awaiting trial.
    12/6/2001 Goshen, Indiana A man shot seven people, killing one co-worker, at the Nu-Wood Decorative Millwork plant. He then shot and killed himself.
    2/25/2003 Huntsville, Alabama A man shot up a temporary employment agency, killing three people at the scene. Another victim died later at the hospital.
    7/2/2003 Jefferson City, Missouri Jonathon Russell killed three co-workers at the manufacturing plant where he had worked. He wounded an additional five people before shooting himself.
    7/8/2003 Meridian, Mississippi At the Lockheed Martin aircraft plant an employee shot five workers to death and wounded nine others before killing himself.
    8/27/2003 Chicago, Illinois A man killed six former co-workers at a storage warehouse where he had been fired six months earlier. He was shot and killed by police in a heated gun battle.
    1/31/2006 Goleta, California A woman killed seven at a Post Office processing center.
    11/14/2008 Santa Clara, California A man who had been fired earlier in the day returned with a gun and killed the CEO, Operations VP and HR Manager at a high technology company.

    LEARN FROM THE EXPERT Jay C. Beighley, author of this training seminar, is a veteran police officer from the State of Ohio. For more than seventeen years he has served as security executive for such prestigious organizations as Mainstreet Department Stores, Marshall Fields and Dayton Hudson Corporation. He has been the Director of Security for the Shonac Corporation, a shoe retailer with 140 outlets across the United States. Mr. Beighley is currently Director of Security for the State of Ohio. He is responsible for the safety of 62,000 employees who work in 1,800 locations throughout the world. He is also a Certified Fraud Examiner and a member of the American Society of Industrial Security, the Association of Fraud Examiners, and the American College of Forensic Examiners.

    Workplace violence is a problem that responds well to training, intervention and preventative techniques. This program is dedicated to that task.


    The Instructor Materials Binder contains all of the participant materials as well as information seminar instructors will need to conduct their own sessions of this valuable training program. There is an optional video tape, available through a third party publisher, which can be added to the training if you wish. Instructor Materials include (in addition to a copy of all participant materials):

  • Suggestions for Instructors
  • Video Tape Ordering Information
  • Agenda Schedule
  • Pre-Test - Answer Sheet
  • Case Studies - Solutions
  • Role Playing Scenarios
  • Complete Copy of Cal/OSHA Guidelines on Workplace Violence Prevention
  • Post-Quiz - Answer Sheet
  • Overhead Transparency Paper-Masters


    A complete copy of the participant workbook is included with each Instructor Manual. One copy of the participant manual will be needed for each person who will attend your Workplace Violence Prevention Seminar.

    Participant Workbooks include:

  • Pre-Test
  • Course Subject Matter (in 2-column format for easy note taking)
  • Violent Offender Profile
  • 9 Steps to a Safer Workplace
  • Workplace Violence Facts
  • Do's & Don'ts of Diffusion
  • The Nature of Threats
  • Responding to Escalating Levels of Violence
  • The Crisis Plan
  • Workplace Violence Survey
  • Case Studies
  • Thumbnail Course Transparencies
  • Post-Quiz
  • Course Evaluation

    Order one copy of the Instructor Manual and a copy of the Participant Manual for each person you will be training.

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    Workplace Violence Prevention - Participant Manual
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    Additional Participant Manuals

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