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Hiring a Top Salesperson:
An Interviewing Strategy

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Hiring a Top Salesperson

Hiring a Top Salesperson

Author: Martin G. Friedman

Written by performance and interviewing expert, Martin G. Friedman, this 9" X 6" volume is packed with 40 pages of answers for managers and business owners. When sales operations are the heart of your business, why leave selecting your salespeople to chance? This tool has all you need and features 75 proven interview questions you can use the moment you receive your copy.

Mr. Friedman tells you what to do before the interview to get yourself ready, how to prepare your own questions, what to notice during the interview and the specific sales-oriented skills you should be looking for in your candidates.

Once you have completed your interviewing, check your book again for tips on how to compare candidates based on their skills and make the best selection for your organization.

Suggestions are offered so you will know what to look for in skill areas such as: Sales Strategies, Learning Ability, Sales Drive/Career Goals, Performance Standards, Analytical Skills, Handling Rejection, Organizational Skills, Self-Starting, Risk-Taking, Customer Relations and Cooperation. This is one tool you must have if you hire sales people.


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