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Video Tape and Workbook in Vinyl Case

Learn the Six Keys to Success in Your Own Business.

Your Entrepreneurial Success Story (Video & Workbook)

Authors: Richard G. Stuart & William H. Truesdell

This 30-minute VHS video tape takes you on a journey through each of the Six Keys to Your Personal Business Success. Learn how you can be successful through Business Planning, Marketing, Business Organization, Personal Attributes, Managing Money and, Managing People. Successful entrepreneurs tell how they achieved their dreams. Hear from successful owners of a T-shirt print shop, temporary placement agency in the high-tech industry, consulting services for legal professionals, plastic parts manufacturing, and an automobile repair shop.

The workbook is 120 pages (8.5" X 11") containing worksheets, checklists and guidelines you will find invaluable in starting your own enterprise. It will be treasured by existing business owners for its organization and simplicity.

Get BOTH the tape and the workbook in a vinyl storage album.

This is an ideal aid for anyone transitioning out of life as an employee into life as a business owner.

Your Entrepreneurial Success Story - Video & Workbook
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