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The Salesperson's
Stress Management Guide

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The Salesperson's Stress Management Guide

Author: Wayne D. Ford, Ph.D.

Becoming successful in sales brings on a set of behaviors that create stress for every type of sales professional. The pressures to produce, especially at times of low physical or emotional strength, are strong and stressful. An experienced sales manager gives you the answers to staying calm in the face of anxiety.

A guided tour to the process of counteracting the stress of the sales profession is presented in this book in an easy-to-follow program of analysis, introspection, exercises, and lifestyle focus. Well-proven techniques are used to lower and eliminate the excess stresses that interfere with an enjoyable and productive life.

Comes in a binder and includes CD-ROM with exercises and removable/reproducible tracking charts.

106 pages, binder, with disc, Only $39.95

The Salesperson's Stress Management Guide
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