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The Complete
Reference Checking Handbook

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The Complete Reference Checking Handbook, 2nd Edition

The Complete Reference Checking Handbook
Author: Edward C. Andler
2nd Edition

Smart, Fast, Legal Ways to Check Out Job Applicants

Revised and updated, The Complete Reference Checking Handbook, Second Edition, gives you all the tools and information you need to evaluate potential employees' past performance and make informed hiring decisions while staying within legal and ethical boundaries. From weeding out applicants who give false information to dealing with uncooperative references and searching public records to identify serious troublemakers, the book answers every conceivable question regarding reference and background checks, including:

  • What questions are you allowed to ask applicants and their previous employers?
  • Can your company be found negligent for not finding out certain information about employees? (The answer is, "Yes!")
  • What rules about running background checks are covered in the Fair Credit Reporting Act?
  • How do you run a search of public records, including criminal, workers' compensation, and driving?

The Complete Reference Checking Handbook, 2nd Edition -- 255 pages (6" X 9" Hardback)

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