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The Complete Guide to Technical Recruiting

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The Complete Guide to Technical Recruiting

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The Complete Guide to Technical Recruiting


If you are an outside recruiter or executive placement expert who specializes in computer technology jobs, this is a reference you won't want to miss. It is something you will use daily to plan your business activities and guide you to stronger relationships and higher earnings.

Author, Charlie Dawson, has achieved the success most recruiters have only dreamed of. In this new book, Charlie shares his secrets with you. He provides dozens of check lists and reminders so you can easily stay on the right track in your recruiting efforts. He tells you how to locate new clients and how to find technical talent, even in today's tight market!


"While browsing the website, I ran across The Complete Guide to Technical Recruiting by Charlie K. Dawson, CPC. Since I'd never heard of the book or the author, I spent about $50 to get it delivered. What arrived was a looseleaf-bound, 287 page text with surprisingly good content. If you are (or want to be) in the technical recruiting business, I'd recommend the purchase.

"So often, I am sent books which purport to be on target, but whose authors just don't get it. This 14-chapter book does get it. It has many forms, checklists and guidelines which are as good as I've seen. I disagree on some minor issues - but then I usually do - but all in all, it's well worth the money."

Paul Hawkinson, Publisher, The Fordyce Letter

Here's a sample of what you will get for only $49.95!
  • Types of Recruiting
  • How to Identify Recruiting Needs
  • Selling Recruiting
  • Negotiating Fees
  • Qualifying Companies
  • Qualifying Opportunities
  • Qualifying Exclusivity
  • Recruiting
  • How to get Candidates "Recruited"
  • Effective Interviewing
  • References
  • Closing
  • Managing the Relationship
  • Learning your Practice Area
  • ...and much more!
  • You will even find a forward written by John Trakselis, MBA, CPA. John has used Charlie Dawson's recruiting services and testifies to his ability to get the job done when others can not.

    This volume gives you 287 pages packed with exactly what you need to start or develop your own recruiting practice. Whether you work independently or for one of the large recruiting firms, this book is for you! It is published in a binder format so you can easily copy the helpful check lists and reminders as you recruit you way to money and success.

    The Complete Guide to Technical Recruiting
    (287 Pages, 3-ring binder) $49.95

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