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Labor Law & Employment
Compliance Posters - Federal & State

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Financial penalties for poster violations have gone up. The financial penalty was $210 according to 29 CFR Section 1601.30(a). As of July 5, 2016 it will be $525 for each separate violation. (81 Federal Register pages 35269-35270 (June 2, 2016))

Every employer, regardless of size, is required to post many different pieces of information relating to employee rights, working conditions, safety and a multitude of other subjects. DID YOU KNOW?...Two U.S. Appellate Court cases have concluded that failure to post EEOC information lifts the deadline for filing discrimination complaint charges? Employer liability can go on indefinitely without posters.

The HR Web Store has just what you need if you would rather purchase posters on one sheet to satisfy these requirements than search out each government source, obtain individual posters, and post a dozen or more individual pieces of paper.

Remember, you must have a complete set of employment posters, updated to current requirements, to avoid financial penalties if an enforcement agency visits.

Order 10 or more posters at one time and receive an added discount. You are welcome to mix posters within your order to achieve your discount. HOW MUCH EXTRA WILL OUR DISCOUNT SAVE YOU FROM OUR NORMALLY LOW PRICES? Call our toll-free order line at 1-888-671-0404 to find out. Quantity discounts are applied to prepaid orders only.

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Posters Required for ALL Employers



State & Federal All-On-One Labor Law Posters

These are the basic posters required by BOTH Federal and State laws and regulations. Start with this and then add specific industry-required posters as necessary.
State and Federal All-On-One Labor Law Posters Don't forget to order copies of the required USERRA Benefits Poster and COBRA Continuation Poster as well. (See links below.)

USERRA Benefits Poster

The USERRA Benefits Poster is required for ALL employers effective March 10, 2005. Updates were issued in 2009. This is in addition to the All-On-One poster content. New USERRA Benefits Poster

Mobile Poster Packs

If you have people in remote locations where wall posters cannot be used, you can meet your obligation to have employment poster information available to employees by using the Mobile Poster Pak. These are perfect for construction contractors, truckers, outside sales people, and others who don’t report to a central office location each day. Federal requirements call for every employee to have access to these posters every day. Mobile Poster Paks can be your perfect solution.

Posters Required for Employers with 10 or More Employees

These are in addition to the posters listed above.



Federal Interview Room Poster If you have 10 or more employees, this is a federal poster requirement. It must be posted in your lobby or in your interview room where job applicants can have access to it. Federal Interview Room Poster

Posters Required for Employers with 20 or More Employees

These are in addition to the posters listed above.



Federal COBRA Continuation Poster The COBRA "Job Loss" Continuation Poster is required for ALL employers who have 20 or more workers and offer them health care programs. This is in addition to the All-On-One poster content. New COBRA Continuation Poster

Posters Required for Employers with Special Employment Situations

These are in addition to the posters listed above.



Safety Posters Available (Other than Forklift Safety - See below)

Bloodborne Pathogens Any employer with jobs that work with human blood must post this safety poster about bloodborne pathogens. Healthcare Employers' Bloodborne Pathogens Poster
ForkLift Safety Posters Any employer using forklifts to move materials in the workplace is required to post an OSHA ForkLift safety poster. The Federal poster is available for all states EXCEPT California. California employers with forklifts must use the California version of this OSHA poster.
Heat Illness Prevention Poster Many California employers and even those in other states are required to have this poster as part of their Heat Stress Injury and Illness Prevention Program or as part of their response to the OSHA General Duty Clause.
"Heat Illness Preventive and Protective Measures" Poster

Special Information About Employment Law Compliance Posters



Minimum State Requirements

Minimum Requirements for Each State

States with 2019 Changes Requiring New Posters

States with 2018 Changes Requiring New Posters

Current Issue Dates for Posters

Release Dates for Current Posters

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