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Safety Poster
Lockout / Tagout

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Safety Poster - Lockout / Tagout

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This poster helps employers communicate specific procedures and practices and encourages workers to follow OSHA's Lockout / Tagout Standard (29 CFR 1910.147). By communicating and following this OSHA Standard both employers and employees will help to prevent many injuries caused by the lack of proper implementation. This poster specifies the Lockout / Tagout Procedures and Requirements to follow. It also clearly states how to test equipment during a lockout. This poster will help protect workers according to the OSHA Standard.

  • Provides definitions to clarify the terms.
  • Procedures and requirements to follow.
  • Steps to follow to test equipment during a lockout.
  • How to restore equipment to service once the Lockout / Tagout is complete.

Safety Poster - Lockout / Tagout
19" X 25" Laminated/Color

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