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OSHA Bloodborne Regulations & Procedures Posters

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Sample Bloodborne Regulations Poster

Sample Bloodborne Regulations Poster - Updated 2015

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If you are in the healthcare industry, dealing with human blood in any way, you are most likely required by federal law to have this poster in your work location. Bloodborne pathogens are a serious problem in the workplace. They can be controlled through proper procedures and adherence to safety regulations.

Help employees understand the seriousness of the issue with this well designed poster.

50377 FD-200


Must be posted at each work location in a space frequented by employees such as a break room, lunch room, time clock room, etc.

Ships within 10 days of your order.

OSHA Bloodborne Poster - English
Approximately 25" X 39"


50378 FD-200S

OSHA Bloodborne Poster - Spanish
Approximately 25" X 39"


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