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Managing Police Stress
Binder and Audio CD
Are an Effective Combination!

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Managing Police Stress

Author: Wayne D. Ford, Ph.D.

Written by a veteran law enforcement officer who has years of experience dealing with and overcoming all areas of police stress. Dr. Ford (formerly Sergeant Ford) shows unique insight to the world of stress in law enforcement. He has taught courses for many years that focus on reducing police stress, and has put the best of his information into this book for your use.

The Centurion's Octagon, a definitive tool used to pinpoint the unique combination of stress factors present only in law enforcement, is highly effective in establishing a recognition point to initiate understanding. Without true and accurate understanding of the causes, stress reduction is not possible. This book shows the way to gain an understanding of excess stress experienced by police personnel. And it goes one step further, offering powerful tools to combat that excess stress.

Comes in a binder and includes CD-ROM with exercises and removable/reproducible tracking charts.

Book Review
from Law Enforcement Stressline
Dr. Ford has clear easy to understand check-lists and descriptions of symptoms and danger signs. There are chapters on attitude, nutrition, breathing, autogenics, visualization, exercise, tension-release, color and stress, lifestyle and developing a personal action plan. By the end of the book, the serious reader who is open to honest self-assessment, will have been helped to take a penetrating look at him or herself.

Managing Police Stress
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