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Creative New Employee Orientation Programs

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Creative New Employee Orientation Programs


How Today's Most Successful Companies Make Orientation Personalized, Fun, and Dramatically More Effective

Many companies have an orientation process that addresses the paperwork issues but does not include vital information about the company's products and services, culture, policies, customers, safety issues, and so forth. This book is designed to help those who are responsible for their organization's orientation process by providing unique and creative ways to make orientation special, memorable, and effective.

Filled with checklists, "best practices" articles, and case studies from leading companies, including Ford Motor, Red Lobster, and Alcatel, this state-of-the-art orientation guide will show you how to:

  • ENERGIZE and revitalize your current orientation program.
  • CREATE a great first impression with new employees and managers.
  • EFFECTIVELY communicate your company's values, vision, and mission.
  • ACCELERATE new employee productivity.
  • START employees off on the right track - by explaining the culture and attitudes that support the company's business.
  • INCREASE understanding of and compliance with sexual harassment guidelines.
  • DELIVER consistent orientation messages across multiple remote locations.
  • AND much more.

Nothing will squash the spirit of new hires quicker than snail's-pace lectures and dry, tedious classroom sessions. Transform your organization's orientation program and get your newest employees off to a flying start with the best practices, tips, tools, and guidelines in this fabulous book.

Creative New Employee Orientation Programs
Book (8.5" X 11") Hardbound 360 pages

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