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The Attorney's Guide to Stress Management

Author: Wayne D. Ford, Ph.D.

Today's attorney is under more pressure from more sources than ever before in the pursuit of professionally practicing law. A critical and insightful look at the profession and its stressors is followed by a proven method of confronting and vanquishing stresses experienced by legal practitioners.

Lawyers will appreciate the thoroughness and effectiveness of this guide to lowering the powerful effects of stress on the body. As greater success is realized by an attorney, the greater the pressure to maintain that high level of accomplishment. This book gives detailed methods and processes needed to achieve that low level of stress that allows the highest level of legal practice.

Comes in a binder and includes a CD-ROM with exercises and removable/reproducible tracking charts.


"Successful lawyers are intelligent, quick-witted, and driven to achieve -- and often frustrated when they are forced to deal with people who are not. And the very characteristics that propel an individual into the legal profession are the same characteristics that make lawyers (and people with similar personality types) susceptible to the negative impact of stress.

"That's why Wayne D. Ford, Ph.D., wrote The Attorney's Guide to Stress Management. Ford is a training and management consultant who has built his knowledge of how attorneys experience stress by having worked closely with members of the profession and the court system for 13 years."

Jacquelyn Lynn, freelance business writer Commercial Law Bulletin, May/June 1999


Michigan Lawyers Weekly, Vol. 20, No. 24, May 1, 2006:

"An attorney is a special type of person - a unique breed in our society," Dr. Wayne Ford said. "Stress is a major part of everything they do. Lawyers are driven to know the law and to apply it in an advantageous fashion. It is a burden to be so driven, because to totally relax means lost time and a missed opportunity to accomplish something."

According to Dr. Ford, "A positive attitude is the most powerful tool you possess in fighting excess stress. With it you can do anything. Without it, you can do very little. It has long been recognized that there is a strong correlation between attitude and energy. The more positive your attitude, the higher your energy level, while negative attitudes drain your energy."


106 pages, binder, with disc, Only $39.95


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