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The Firefighter's Guide
to Managing Stress

Binder and Audio CD
Are an Effective Combination!

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The Firefighter's Guide to Managing Stress

Author: Wayne D. Ford, Ph.D.

Expectations of a firefighter to be fearless, emotionally stable at all times, and totally dedicated to protecting the public, create a tall order and a stressful one. Meeting these goals can be an overwhelming task. This guide explains the critical areas of the firefighter's work and home life that cause excess stress, and then takes the reader through a precise program which is proven to reduce dangerous stress.

The days are gone when a firefighter never acknowledged stress, and this is the tool which actually gets the needed results ? reducing stress that destroys careers and families. The guide provides many ways to self-analyze, assess, and overcome the dangers of distress caused by one of society's most honored professions.

Comes in a binder and includes CD-ROM with exercises and removable/reproducible tracking charts.

106 pages, binder, with disc, Only $39.95

The Firefighter's Guide to Managing Stress
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