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Secrets of Investigating Discrimination Complaints

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Secrets of Investigating Discrimination Complaints

Author: William H. Truesdell, SPHR

You will discover it is easy to conduct complete and thorough investigations with the help of this book. Step-by-step instructions and forms for recording your planning and investigation efforts allow complete documentation of your efforts.

Find all the help you need with the following subjects:

  • What is Non-Discrimination?
  • What are Discrimination Charges and Who Can File Them?
  • What Proof is Required for Typical Complaints?
  • Review Basic Interviewing Skills
  • Planning for Your Investigation
  • Resolving Complaints / Making Recommendations

Handling typical complaints will comprise most of your investigation activity. There are six major complaints that gather most of the activity, regardless of your location in the country, or the industry you are part of. They are:

  • Non-Selection (Failure to hire, promote, etc.)
  • Performance Appraisal or Job Evaluation Rating
  • Discharge or Discipline
  • Failure to Accommodate a Disability
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Retaliation

If you have responsibilities that include handling employee complaints of unfair treatment, discrimination, grievances, or any similar process, you need this guide.

Avoid accusations of Negligent Investigation. Sidestep personal liability you might discover if you don't know how to properly investigate employment discrimination charges.

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Secrets of Investigating Discrimination Complaints
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