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Human resource tools and information whenyou need them

The Essential Guide to
Workplace Investigations

How to Handle Employee Complaints & Problems

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The Essential Guide to Workplace Investigations

Author: Lisa Guerin, Attorney

Published by Nolo Press and endorsed by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

Finally, a clear no-nonsense reference that helps you:

  • Decide if an investigation is warranted
  • Plan the investigation
  • Document the entire process

Comes with all forms on CD-ROM. No extra charge.

Workplace problems and complaints carry serious risks to a company -- so it's essential to act fast when you receive an employee complaint. But making the wrong call can land your company in big legal trouble.

The Essential Guide to Workplace Investigations is the only book on the market that shows you how to investigate and resolve any type of complaint or problem, including harassment, discrimination, workplace violence and employee theft.

The book guides you through the 10 steps of a successful investingation, including:

  • deciding whether to investigate
  • taking immediate action, if necessary
  • choosing an investigator
  • planning the investigation
  • interviewing
  • gathering evidence
  • evaluating the evidence
  • taking action
  • documenting the investigation
  • following up

The Essential Guide to Workplace Investigations is both a legal and practical book, providing forms, sample policies, checklists, sample documentation and resources. All forms, as well as audio interviews and scenarios, are included on a CD-ROM.

The Essential Guide to Workplace Investigations 435 pages (7" X 9" Softbound)

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