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War in the Workplace

A Practical Guide to a Safer Workplace

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War in the Workplace


Author: Jay C. Beighley, CPP

According to an FBI study, an active shooter in the workplace is 18 times more frequent than workplace fires. (

Learn why every employer should have a crisis management plan in place for dealing with a workplace shooting event. Once the event begins it will be too late. All employees need to know how to react, protecting themselves and their coworkers. Executives need to know who will act as company spokesperson. The need for communication will peak during and after such a tragedy. Jay Beighley provides specific outlines for plan development and employee training. He shares his 35 years of experience in law enforcement and corporate security management. He shows you how to win the War in the Workplace.

This book includes easy-to-use checklists and outlines

  • Construct your own risk analysis
  • Identify workplace safety threats
  • Develop a Workplace Violence Program using the model here
  • Help employee Domestic Violence victims
  • Move the threats away from your location


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War in the Workplace 123 pages (6" X 9" softbound)

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