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Model A Ford Technical Seminar

Replacing Your Timing Gear

While on the Road

Produced for antique automobile enthusiasts!

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Model A Fords

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Running Time: 29 minutes.

You will learn

  • How to diagnose a timing gear failure
  • How to remove the timing gear without removing the radiator
  • How to select a new timing gear
  • How to reinstall the new timing gear.

Your instructor is a MAFCA judge. Let him guide you through the replacement process.

This video was produced by the Diablo As. This is NOT a professionally made video. It is an edited version of the technical seminar conducted for our club members. There may be some minor technical glitches, but overall you will be able to gain valuable information and techniques for care and maintenance of your Model A Ford.

Purchase: All profits from these sales go to the Diablo As Model A Ford Club, a non-profit California corporation.

Model A Ford Timing Gear Seminar

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