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Secrets of Hiring and Firing
Lowering Your Liabilities
eBook Edition

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Secrets of Hiring and Firing - eBook Edition

Organizations only exist because they have workers. Finding people who are the best possible match to the requirements of your jobs is what this book is all about. Inside you will find checklists and questionnaires that help identify and narrow the field of candidates. You will discover how important it is to have a job description for every position and how easily that can be accomplished. In contemporary times, job descriptions are critically important in determining whether or not someone can perform the essential functions of the job with or without disability accommodation.

When it comes time for someone to separate from the payroll, how you part company is very important. Secrets of Hiring and Firing gives you some guidance about avoiding humiliating experiences for your soon-to-be ex-employees. You will learn why it is so important to allow every person the dignity they need to carry on with their lives once they no longer work in your organization.

Take advantage of the experience gained by professionals over more than four decades of managing employees. Lower your company risk of liability due to incorrect or improper hiring and firing procedures or decisions. This is a resource you will want to keep on top of your desk.

Learn how to avoid the problems of wrongful hiring and wrongful retention. Increase and improve your communication with employees. Get higher productivity because people know exactly what is expected of them.

Learn how case law has guided us in the use of the doctrine of employment at will. Find out what you need to consider before terminating any employee.

Use the many handy checklists, tables, examples and recommendations to help you do your management job with less worry and more confidence.

Secrets of Hiring and Firing - eBook Edition is over 1.4 MB of data in PDF format. With a 56K modem it will take you up to 30 minutes to download.

Secrets of Hiring and Firing - eBook Edition
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