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Just Enough Project Management
The Indispensable Four-Step Process for Managing Any Project Better, Faster, Cheaper!

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Just Enough Project Management

Author: Curtis R. Cook, Ph.D.

How to Successfully Manage Any Project While Eliminating Bureaucracy and Red Tape

Just Enough Project Management integrates today's most effective pro0ject management information and tools into a uniquely straightforward process for managing small to medium sized projects. This valuable and timesaving manual will provide you with:

  • A versatile four-step process to initiate, plan, control, and close your next project
  • Customizable templates to help you get projects up and running with a minimum of wasted effort
  • Tips, techniques, and war stories from the front lines of contemporary project management

The fundamental goal of project management is to produce the desired results, on time and on budget. Let Just Enough Project Management show you how to get back to that goal, and manage projects that successfully transform your objectives into immediate bottomline results, instead of simply creating more projects.

The project-driven approach has proven its value, leading to spectacular results - projects delivered faster and at a more reasonable cost than ever before. Problem is, the project management process used for large projects is too cumbersome and bureaucratic for the projects most of us face, and is often more complex and costly than the problems it is designed to solve. Sound familar?

Curtis R. Cook, Ph.D., is president and CEO of Novations Project Management and a globally renowned project management authority.

Just Enough Project Management (146 pages, 5" X 8") $14.95

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