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The Progressive
Discipline Handbook
Smart Strategies for Coaching Employees

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The Progressive Discipline Handbook


Everything you need to coach employees and turn troubled performers around.

Author: Margie Mader-Clark & Attorney Lisa Guerin

Includes CD-ROM for Windows that includes Templates, Interviews and Audio Scenarios. (CD-ROM may not work on Macintosh products.)

Confronting employees about poor performance is an ordeal dreaded by managers and HR pros everywhere. The possibility of emotional outbursts -- and the specter of a lawsuit -- leave many would-be disciplinarians at a loss.

The Progressive Discipline Handbook is the complete employee-discipline how-to guide. Whether youpre working within an existing progressive-discipline system or establishing one yourself, this book explains how to improve faltering performance and lead your employees to success while avoiding legal trouble.

Packed with practical and legal advice, the book offers smart, immediately useful strategies that will help you tackle tough disciplinary issues. You'll learn how to:

  • recognize problems early
  • decide when discipline is necessary
  • choose the right response to a problem
  • ensure fair and evenhanded treatment
  • engage employees in improving performance
  • react effectively to tears, anger or defensiveness
  • work within your company's disciplinary system
  • collaborate with employees to come up with solutions
  • maintain records that will protect you and your company in case of a lawsuit
  • and much more

PLUS: Includes legal dos and don'ts, skills-building exercises, as well as templates, forms, worksheets and a discussion guide on CD-ROM.

The Progressive Discipline Handbook 498 pages (7" X 9" Softbound)

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