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Power Tools for Women

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Power Tools for Women

Author: Joni Daniels

Plugging into the Essential Skills for Work and Life

In her popular "Power Tools for Women" workshop, management consultant Joni Daniels teaches women how to be more effective and efficient at work and at home. The key is to tap into the metaphor of the tool kit. Too few women grow up wielding power tools and enjoying the sense of accomplishment and self-sufficiency they impart. With her new book, Daniels equips you with eleven power tools -- invaluable skills you can transport between work and home. With conviction and a dose of humor, she explains how and when to use them to be more successful in every part of your life. Your new tool kit includes:

  • The demolition Hammer: to break the rules
  • The Electrical Sensor: to follow your intuition
  • The Power Drill: to get the right information
  • Safety Goggles: to create your vision of success ... and more

Whether you're juggling work/life responsibilities, reentering the employment market, or striving to achieve your goals, this book will give you the right tools for the job.

Joni Daniels is the founder and principal of Daniels & Associates, a consulting group specializing in personal and professional development. Her clients include FannieMae, Educational Testing Services, Marriott International, Merck, the Department of Defense, AIG Life Companies, and more. She lives outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Power Tools for Women 323 pages 5" X 8" Softbound


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