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Model A Ford Technical Seminar

Replacing an Engine

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Replacing a Model A Ford Engine

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Running Time: 65 minutes .

Features Alex Janke & Bob Grady, MAFCA Judges.

Let them guide you through the process of safely removing an engine and replacing it with a new engine.

Replacing a Model A Ford Engine video Contents:
(Some special tools required, like an engine hoist and floor jack.)

  • Part 1: Removing the old engine.
    • Drain the water from the cooling system
    • Remove floor boards and disconnect battery
    • Remove engine hood
    • Disconnecting all peripheral linkages (spark advance rod, choke rod, starter rod, etc.)
    • Remove starter and generator/alternator
    • Remove radiator rods, radiator and water pump
    • Remove spark plugs, distributor, intake & exhaust manifolds, exhaust pipe connection
    • Remove motor mount bolts, radius rods, & unbolt fly wheel housing
    • Lift engine out of Model A

  • Part 2: Install New Engine
    • Crane engine into compartment and align transmission spline
    • Reinstall flywheel housing bolts, motor mount bolts
    • Reinstall starter & generator/alternator
    • Add at least one quart oil through the distributor hole and the rest of the engine oil normally
    • Retourque engine head bolts & install distributor
    • Reconnect manifolds and exhaust pipe
    • Reinstall water pump, radiator & radiator rods
    • Add water to radiator
    • Reinstall starter, choke rod, starter rod, distributor advance and accelerator rods
    • Reconnect battery and reinstall floorboards

Get your tools and equipment ready because you are going to be able to remove and reinsert an engine in your Model A Ford after viewing this video. You will want to take the DVD to your garage so you can follow along as Alex and Bob progress step-by-step through the process.

After you have viewed this program, you will have changed your mind about the complexity and level of difficulty involved in changing out an engine. And, you will have learned some short cuts and task-simplifying techniques that can make your project go even more smoothly.

These videos were produced by the Diablo As. They are NOT professionally made videos. Replacing Your Model A Head and Head Gasket is an edited version of the recording made of a work session in a club member's garage. We believe the information and techniques shown on the video will help you in your Model A restoration and maintenance efforts.

Purchase: All profits from these sales go to the Diablo As Model A Ford Club, a non-profit California corporation. This is a DVD+R format. Please check for compatability before buying.

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DVD - Replacing a Model A Ford Engine 65 minutes

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