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Model A Ford Technical Seminar

Rebuilding Your Starter

Both 6-volt & 12-volt

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Rebuilding a Model A Ford Starter

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Running Time: 75 minutes. Learn how to take old starters and recondition them so they operate like new again.

This video has four sections:

  • Introduction: History of the Model A Starter, including some restoration tips.
  • Part 1: Disassembly of your old starter. How to remove each component, cautions about protecting parts, cleaning advice and demonstrations.
  • Part 2: Reassembly as a 6-volt starter. If you wish to restore your starter to the original 6-volt configuration, all you need to do is follow instructions of our experts. When you are done, and have repainted the newly rebuilt unit, it will look like it just came from the factory floor.
  • Part 3: Converting your unit to a 12-volt operation. Many Model A'ers are converting their cars to 12-volt electrical systems and would prefer to use a 12-volt starter rather than a 6-volt starter. There are many potential problems caused by "firing up" a 6-volt unit using 12-volts of power...not the least of which is that sometimes things break, and that can be dangerous. Our experts show you how to make a starter that will be compatible with your new electrical system and last for many years of satisfactory use.


See how to remove field coil screws without drilling. Amazing!

Herb Neumann and Ron Accornero are the experts who take you on this guided exploration of the restoration process. Before you can think of a question, they have given you the answer.

This video was produced by the Diablo As. This is NOT a professionally made video. It is an expanded version of the technical seminar conducted for our club members. The information and techniques shown on the video will help you in your Model A restoration and maintenance efforts. This is a DVD+R format. Please check for compatability before buying.

Purchase: All profits from these sales go to the Diablo A's Model A Ford Club, a non-profit California corporation. We accept PayPal.

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DVD - Rebuilding Starters 75 minutes

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