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Model A Ford Technical Seminar

Rebuilding the Front End

Produced for antique automobile enthusiasts!

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Rebuilding the Front End

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Running Time: 50 minutes PLUS an 11 Minute Bonus Video - Removing a Stuck Spring Perch.

Features Alex Janke & Bob Grady, MAFCA Judges.

Let them guide you through the process of rebuilding the front end of your Model A.

Rebuilding the Front End video Contents:

  • Disassembly of all components
  • Inspection of parts to determine what can be reused and what must be replaced
  • Inspection of and straightening axle if necessary
  • Reassembly of all components
  • PLUS a BONUS Video showing How to Remove a Stuck Spring Perch

Watch as Bob and Alex show you how to remove, inspect and reuse the parts you can, while replacing the parts that should not be used again.

If you have ever tried to remove a spring perch from the axel only to discover it is rusted in place, or the nut won't budge, the 11-minute BONUS VIDEO on this DVD will show you how to solve those problems.

You get a total of 61 minutes of instruction on this DVD. A wonderful addition to your library of technical information about the Model A Ford.

These videos were produced by the Diablo As. They are NOT professionally made videos. Rebuilding the Front End is an edited version of the technical seminar conducted for our club members with added scenes created just for this DVD presentation. We believe the information and techniques shown on the video will help you in your Model A restoration and maintenance efforts.

Purchase: All profits from these sales go to the Diablo As Model A Ford Club, a non-profit California corporation. This is a DVD+R format. Please check for compatability before buying.

Shipping Costs: $5.50 for PRIORITY MAIL. Order as many DVDs as you wish. One shipping charge covers them all! California shipping addresses please add 9.00% sales tax.

We have received some wonderful feedback from customers who purchased Diablo A's DVDs. You can find them all in our eBay feedback. Here are just a few:

  • "This is good training for the transmission 'rookie.' Really well done. Thanks!"
  • "Your quality is BETTER than you let on. Very pleased!!"
  • "Great DVD. Very informative. Well packaged and fast delivery. Highly recommended."
  • "Great video. Big help."
  • "Now I'm ready to do the job the right way. Fast shipping. Thanks."

Model A Ford Rebuilding the Front End (50-minute DVD Video with a BONUS 11-minute Video, Removing a Stuck Spring Perch)

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