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Mentoring Resource Kit

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Mentoring Resource Kit

Mentoring DVDs


Author: Margo Murray, MBA, CPT

The Mentoring Resource Kit© will enable you to put a proven mentoring process to work in your organization and get results. MMHA initiated the facilitated mentoring process in 1971 and has continuously researched best practices and lessons learned since then.

Mentoring is about passing on experience and skills to save time, costs, and redundancy. The Mentoring Resource Kit© passes on to you critical tools for establishing effective mentoring relationships. Use these innovative materials to implement the proven MMHA Facilited Mentoring Model and Processes© for your organization.

Pages and pages of guidelines, worksheets, job aids, checklists, and tips for success are reproducible. The Mentoring Resource Kit© also includes Margo Murray's best seller book, Beyond the Myths and Magic of Mentoring: How to Facilitate an Effective Mentoring Process, videos in DVD format, sample workbooks and sample assessment instruments to choose from in supporting the development of your mentoring pairs.

You need the Mentoring Resource Kit© if you are:

  • Mentoring coordination team member
  • Performance improvement technologist
  • Decision maker for your organization's mentoring programs
  • Potential Mentor or Protege
  • Anyone else who is interested in mentoring

You get all of the following content with your Mentoring Resource Kit©

  • Book, Beyond the Myths and Magic of mentoring: How to Facilitate an Effective mentoring Process
  • Video (DVD), Facilitated Mentoring Model and Processes Briefing©, script & overhead transparencies for the Briefing in a Box©
  • Video (DVD), Two behavior models - Negotiating Your Mentoring Agreement© and Discussing Your Development Plan©
  • Sample workbooks to support effective relationships (Individual copies may be purchased for participants)
    • Facilitator Feedback Skills©
    • Effectiveness = My Competence & Communication©
    • Career Planning Workbook©
  • Sample Assessment Instruments (Individual copies may be purchased separately)
    • Perrsonal Skills Map
    • Personal Profile System®
    • I-Sight
Personal Profile System and I-Sight are registered trademarks of Inscape Publishing.

Comprehensive guidelines for each phase of designing, implementing, and evaluating a mentoring process. Includes:

  1. Readiness Assessment
    • Is your organization ready for a mentoring program?
    • How to link your mentoring process to business goals
    • How to sustain the mentoring process
    • Reality check worksheet
    • Goal statement worksheet
  2. Marketing and Communication
    • Communication planning worksheet to customize
    • Briefings guide and script for facilitators
    • Briefings video
    • Brochure suggestions
    • Topics for handouts
  3. Recruiting and Qualifying Participants
    • Candidates' skills checklist
    • Sample applications for mentors and proteges
    • Mentor profiles for proteges
    • Recruiting questionnaires for mentors and proteges
    • Database suggestions
  4. Preparing Participants
    • Orientation session materials
      • Guide
      • Topics
      • 3 options with talking points
    • Mentor/Protege agreement form
    • Skill building workbooks
    • Assessment instruments
  5. Evaluation of a Mentoring Process
    • Planning guide
    • Checkpoint guide and worksheet
    • Guidelines for Mentor/Protege experience exchange session
      • Sample talking points
      • Questions to ask
    • Annotated Bibliography
      • Over 200 publications were reviewed and are briefly annotated in categories such as Industry, Diversity, Community, and Women, to give easy access to resources for your special interests. Check into these new sources of additional information and background.

    Mentoring Resource Kit

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