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Four Easy Steps

MagnaClamp Closed & Mounted STEP 1: Mount Clamp on Wall
MagnaClamp Open & Mounted STEP 2: Open Clamp
MagnaClamp Inserting Poster STEP 3: Insert Poster
MagnaClamp Closing on Poster STEP 4: Close MagnaClamp Over Poster


Package of 4 MagnaClamps

MagnaClamps consist of two strips of magnets with matching polarity mounted inside hinged material. The original MagnaClamp utilizes a clear polyester material. With one package of 4 MagnaClamps you can mount your All-On-One poster. It's an easy four-step process.

Mounts on any dry, clean, smooth surface. Bonds with the wall for a permanent hold using 3M brand adhesive.

MagnaClamp hinges are clear in color. Magnets are not transparent.

Be sure you order enough sets to mount all your required employment posters.

MagnaClamp Set of 4 (6" long each) $4.95


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