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The Happy Lawyer

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The Happy Lawyer

The Happy Lawyer

Author: Larry Schreiter, Esq.

207 pages that can change your practice and your life.

How to Gain More Satisfaction, Suffer Less Stress and Enjoy Higher Earnings in Your Law Practice

Author, Larry Schreiter, is an attorney in private practice with offices in Kent and Bellevue, Washington. A lawyer since 1978, he has traveled a professional and personal journey that has led him to adopt a unique approach to serving clients.

The ideas he presents in this book have been shared with lawyers across the country since 1997 in a training program called Seven Keys to Fortune and Fulfillment in Your Law Practice.

In this publication he offers simple, powerful principles to help lawyers improve their professional lives:

  • The Seeds of Satisfaction are in Every Lawyer's Practice.
  • Focus on an "Area of Preeminence."
  • Create a Plan to Take Control
  • How to Attract the Ideal Clients
  • Building Trust Through Breakthrough Communications
  • The Happy Lawyer's Practice
  • Discover what reflects your values and aspirations in your practice. Learn how to choose the right clients, fulfill professional goals, and increase personal and professional satisfaction. Increase your free time, raise your value and raise your income.

    It's all here. If you practice law, you need this book more than you need Lexis/Nexis!

    The Happy Lawyer 207 pages $39.95

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