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The Complete Guide to Executive Compensation

Today's Most In-Depth Examination of Executive Compensation Models, Practices, and Strategies

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Author: Bruce R. Ellig

Charges of excessive executive compensation have filled the business press for a number of years, yet few understand why pay plans trigger such results. This desktop reference book is an easy-to-access, invaluable guide to structuring appropriate executive pay plans. Properly used, it will help avoid excessive executive pay resulting from poorly designed plans.

Written by renowned compensation expert Bruce Ellig, this book is a must read for the designers, approvers, and recipients of executive compensation, as well as those who write about the subject. Consultants and in-house pay designers will find detailed examples (supplemented with over 400 figures and tables) to trigger their own creativity. Compensation committees and other approvers of executive pay plans will value the definitions and descriptions of various pay plans and the conditions under which they would be appropriate. Executives themselves will find the book useful. Not only in better understanding their own plans, but learning more about other plans, both those they may only have heard about, as well as many that have not yet caught their attention. And those who write about the subject will be able to put their comments in a better perspective.

The Complete Guide to Executive Compensation takes an in-depth look at each of the executive pay elements: salary, executive benefits and incentives (both short and long term). This review also includes the role of the board of directors (and its compensation committee) along with the influence of the major stakeholders (most notably the shareholder). And a complete chapter is devoted to various measurements of executive performance.

This book also contains a compendium of selected key information on executive compensation, including laws, Internal Revenue Code sections, IRS revenue rulings, accounting interpretations, and SEC actions. No other book has such a complete resource section. In addition, it includes both a historical review of key developments and a look ahead, as well as a glossary with more than 2,000 definitions.

Bruce R. Ellig graduated Phi Beta Kappa with a BBA and MBA from the University of Wisconsin and retired as Pfizer's Corporate Vice President in charge of worldwide HR. He also served as secretary of the board's executive compensation committee. Since then he has served on several other boards and their compensation committees. He served for many years as a program designer and instructor for WorldatWork's executive compensation programs.

The Complete Guide to Executive Compensation 736 pages (7.5" X 9.5" Hardbound)

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