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The Employer's Legal Handbook

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The Employer's Legal Handbook

Author: Fred S. Steingold, Attorney
Publisher: Nolo Press

Manage Your Employees and Workplace Effectively

If you're a busy manager or business owner who doesn't want to spend a lot of time or money dealing with employee problems, The Employer's Legal Handbook is exactly what you need.

Use this comprehensive guide to comply with the most recent workplace laws and regulations, run a safe and fair workplace and avoid lawsuits. Have a question? Look it up, quickly and easily.

The Employer's Legal Handbook covers everything you need to know about workplace practices, including:

  • hiring
  • reviews
  • discipline
  • wages and hours
  • employee taxes, payroll and benefits
  • health and safety
  • discrimination and harassment
  • terminations and layoffs

The 8th edition provides updated 50-state legal charts and explains the latest developments in employment law.

The Employer's Legal Handbook 370 pages (7" X 9" Softbound)

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