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Dealing With
Problem Employees
A Legal Guide

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Dealing With Problem Employees


All of the practical & legal information you need to tackle tough workplace issues

Author: Attorneys Amy DelPo & Lisa Guerin

Provides Sample Policies, Forms, Checklists and Statutes for Every State

Do you have an employee who isn't performing, isn't producing or doesn't show up at all? Or does your workplace seem to be a breeding ground for all kinds of employee problems, large and small? No matter what the problem is, this book can help.

Dealing With Problem Employees provides proven techniques -- and more importantly, immediate fixes -- for dealing with the inevitable problem employee. Find out how to:

  • avoid hiring problem employees
  • recognize who is and isn't a problem employee
  • help problem employees get back on track
  • investigate problems and complaints
  • conduct performance evaluations
  • apply progressive discipline
  • suspend employees
  • fire employees
  • handle severances and references
  • institute effective policies and procedures

The 3rd edition is completely updated to reflect the latest employement laws in your state and provices a new chapter on using mediation to resolve workplace disputes. It also provides sample policies to make your workplace trouble-free.

Written by two employment lawyers, this book is packed with all the legal and practical information you need to effectively handle your employee problems -- without getting into legal trouble.

Dealing With Problem Employees (3rd Edition) 542 pages (7" X 9" Softbound)

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