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Successful businesses know the importance of expert advice in the area of Human Resource Management.

Successful businesses understand the value of expert counsel in the area of HR management and compliance.

Affirmative Action Plans - Development and Implementation

Contrary to popular media opinion, affirmative action regulations and requirements for federal contractors have not changed with respect to employment. The Department of Labor is still conducting compliance reviews and back pay awards are substantial in many cases. We will develop your plan from scratch, update your existing plan, or do the statistical analysis required if you wish to do the narrative. We can also do disparate impact testing on your new hires, promotions, transfers and terminations. We will perform statistical evaluation of your compensation program to meet federal requirements. We offer on-site implementation training for your management staff and on-site support for compliance reviews. Project or hourly fees apply.

For more information about our AAP Preparation Service, Click Here.

If you would like to have us contact you about your AAP development project, or help with the implementation, just drop us an email message at:

We will contact you as soon as we receive your request.

Are your people too harried to get their work done?.
Are your people too harried to get their work done?

EEO Complaint Investigations and Consulting

Discrimination complaints are serious issues. You must investigate them and resolve any you find have merit. If you don't, the cost of back pay, front pay, compensatory and punitive damages in a future legal action can run into six or seven figures. We wrote the book on investigating discrimination complaints (Secrets of Investigating Discrimination Complaints - Second Edition). We will coach you through the investigation to prevent complications. Our objective is to help you plan the investigation and determine, ultimately, if the complaint has merit. If so, we will help you decide how to best remedy the situation. Handling complaint investigations internally can go a long way toward preventing them from escalating to a lawyer, outside enforcement agencies or court action.

We assure client organization confidentiality. We can also train your internal complaint investigation staff in a classroom setting. Hourly fees apply.

AAP/EEO Audits

What is the current condition of your human resource management systems as they relate to affirmative action and EEO? Are you complying with federal requirements? Could some minor system changes bring practical advantage to the organization? We will review your systems and make suggestions or recommendations if appropriate. Project fees apply.

Expert Witness Support

Our consulting services include expert witness work for some of the country's top law firms. We have worked on behalf of employers and, from time-to-time, for plaintiffs. If you have a case involving employment policies, employee behavior or performance, employment discrimination, or wrongful treatment, have your attorney give us a call. We may be able to help.

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