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Consulting Services Information

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Successful businesses know the importance of expert advice in the area of Human Resource Management.

Successful businesses understand the value of expert counsel in the area of HR management and compliance.

HR Policy Development

Do you wish to develop new policies related to employee leaves of absence or wage and hour provisions? What about employee reimbursement for educational expenses? Should you pay employees for travel days? Whatever your dilemma, we can help you assess the issue and determine if a policy modification or addition is needed. Project or hourly fees apply.

Are your people too harried to get their work done?.

Expert Witness Support

Our consulting services include expert witness work. We have worked on behalf of employers and, from time-to-time, for plaintiffs. If you have a case involving employment policies, employee behavior or performance, employment discrimination, or wrongful treatment, have your attorney give us a call. We may be able to help.

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