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Model A Ford Technical Seminar

Rebuilding a Generator

Produced for antique automobile enthusiasts!

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Rebuilding a Generator

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Running Time: 62 minutes .

Features Herb Neumann & Ron Accornero, MAFCA Judges.

Let them guide you through the process of rebuilding a six-volt Model A generator. And, along the way, learn about the history of generator designs used in Model A production by the Ford Motor Company.

Rebuilding a Model A Ford Generator Video Contents:
Steps you can perform in your garage with some basic tools, solvent, a wire brush and a drill press.

  • Part 1: History of Model A Generators - Both Powerhouse and Long Generator Types
  • Part 2: Disassembly of a Generator - 14 Steps
  • Part 3: Reassembly of a Generator - 23 Steps

You will learn how to:

  • Remove the two end plates.
  • Remove the armature and get the end plate off the shaft.
  • Drill and remove the field coil retaining screws.
  • What to paint after cleaning.
  • Assemble new field coils into the housing.
  • Reconnect the armature shaft to the end plate bracket.
  • Reconnect the wires to the commutator end plate.
  • Reconnect the generator brushes to the end plate.
  • Test the assembled generator assembly.
  • Set the amperage when mounted on the car with engine running.

When your generator isn't performing as well as it used to, or you just bought one at a swap meet for your restoration project, this is a video you must watch to learn how to rebuild the machine you now own. You will learn what about a powerhouse generator that is different from the long generator. Then you will learn how dismantle the unit so you can preserve parts that you may wish to reuse.

There will be tips for avoiding mistakes in handling and cleaning the parts you will have. Some mistakes can ruin the unit while others just cause some inconvenience.

Learn how to reassemble each of the sub-assemblies so that your total unit will come together properly and will actually produce current for your car.


See how to remove field coil screws without drilling. Amazing!

These videos were produced by the Diablo As. They are NOT professionally made videos. Rebuilding Your Model A Generator is an edited version of the recording made of a work session in a club member's garage. We believe the information and techniques shown on the video will help you in your Model A restoration and maintenance efforts.

Purchase: All profits from these sales go to the Diablo As Model A Ford Club, a non-profit California corporation. This is a DVD+R format. Please check for compatibility before buying.

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DVD - Rebuilding a Model A Ford Generator 62 minutes

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