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We have been serving clients and customers all around the country since 1987. Our HR consulting services assist you in maintaining HR compliance. Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO compliance) is a part of our affirmative action plan and compliance support. In the HR Web Store you will find books, training programs, software, safety supplies, and much more. We carry labor law compliance posters to keep you up-to-date with federal and state requirements. They come on one laminated sheet and contain both federal and state poster requirements. And, we have motivational posters that can brighten your work location and remind employees about what is really important to your organization. You'll always find something you need.


  • Affirmative action compliance begins with your affirmative action plan. We have helped many federal contractors meet their Department of Labor obligations by preparing their affirmative action plans for them. There are three affirmative action compliance requirements. A plan is needed for minorities and women. Another is needed for disabled, and a third is needed for veterans. All three plans have narrative and statistical analysis components. We perform all of the statistical analysis for you and deliver reports in both hard copy and on a CD-ROM.

    We can save you many valuable hours by preparing your AAP for you.Read more

  • Motivational / Inspirational Posters

    Brighten up your work space with these beautiful posters. Any workplace can be enhanced with attractive artwork that also conveys a motivational message. You and your employees will love how these messages are subtle yet helpful in their encouragement of your workers. We have a wide range of images and motivational messages with two sizes of each available for your applications.Read more

  • Stay in compliance with state and federal laws and regulations

    The HR Web Store offers labor law compliance posters. EEO compliance involves policies, behavior, and legally required compliance posters. Equal employment opportunity means more than words on the poster. It means that we treat people fairly and with respect as well as assuring their legal rights in the workplace. HR compliance is a subject all HR managers need to consider every day. There are legal obligations and other requirements that can sometimes best be served by HR consulting. But, in the end, assuring every employee and applicant has access to the required labor law compliance posters will support your other EEO efforts. Read more

  • Model A Fords and Other Antique Cars

    While this has nothing to do with human resource management everyone needs to have something away from the job to spend some time considering. This is our diversion. Read more

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